About Us

Coastal Bank is the first Local Area Bank licensed by Reserve Bank of India in 1999 and commenced its operations from 27th December 1999. The Bank is proud of celebrating its existence for two decades.

Coastal Bank is directly regulated by Reserve Bank of India. The Bank is subjected to regulatory supervision and control. The Bank complies with all supervisory advices/guidance.

The Bank is subjected to regulatory prescriptions such as Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR), Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR), External Benchmarking of loans etc.

Deposits of the customers are insured under Deposit and Insurance Scheme of DICGC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India.

Currently Coastal Bank, the largest Local Area Bank in the Country, operates in contiguous five districts of Andhra Pradesh, viz., Krishna, Guntur, West and East Godavari and Visakhapatnam.

More than 100 service points of the Bank (50 branches; 41 ATMs, 10 BCs) and 65 collection agents cater to the requirements of the customers.

Right from inception, the Coastal Bank is known for its institutional credit in rural and semi-urban areas - financial assistance to Agriculture, MSME, Self Help Groups/Joint Liability Groups. The Bank has recently forayed into retail advances - housing loans/personal loans etc.

About 75% of the advances of the Bank are to priority sector and about 48% of the borrowers are women entrepreneurs.

The Bank is in the forefront in implementing financial inclusion and in offering digital services to its clients with Core Banking Services, Rupee Cards, Remittance Facilities including UPI Payments, Clearing, ATMs/Cash Deposit Machines and Mobile Banking (Android and IOS) etc.

Financial Highlights

Particulars As on 31-03-2018 (Rs. In lakhs) As on 31-03-2019 (Rs. In lakhs)
Capital & Reserves 6750.95 8114.19
Deposits 45257.03 51360.10
Advances 34801.25 37643.86
PBT 2072.82 2335.00
PAT 1452.82 1613.00